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кусты игра на деньги

Кусты игра на деньги

Buy tea bushes in « the Store ». Кусты игра на деньги them on « the Playing field ». Collect tea after a little while at your convenience and the administration will buy the collected tea back.

кусты игра на деньги

Receive funds кусты игра на деньги your e-wallets or buy bushes again in the Store. To purchase a tea bush, you need to replenish game balance. In our store you can buy bushes of three types.

The larger the bush, the more leaves it brings.

кусты игра на деньги

To plant a bush on the field, you need to drag it to the "playing field", or click first on the bush, and then on a free cell in the field. Once you have a certain number кусты игра на деньги coins, you can improve the bush to the next level.

Заработок на играх с выводом

The cost of improvement depends on the size of the bush: for small - 90 coinsfor medium - coins. To enlarge a bush, select it and then click on the button.

At any time, you can collect all the leaves grown on your bushes. For every 40 leaves you will receive 1 gold and кусты игра на деньги coin.

кусты игра на деньги

Every day, your playing field can be attacked by a flock of hungry birds that can peck part of the harvested crop. To avoid this, buy the Scarecrow in the game store and then place кусты игра на деньги on the field. After this, the birds will not attack your plantation!

Заработок на играх с выводом денег

Other players can send cunning thieves to your field, in order to rob part of the harvest. To avoid this, purchase in the game store and кусты игра на деньги it on the field.

After that, no thief will be able to get to your plantation! Having spent 15 units of energyкусты игра на деньги send a squad of cunning thieves to the field of another player, which is randomly selected. If successful, you will receive рулетки онлайн на деньги с минимальным вложением portion of the harvested crop of another player.

If you want to move a bush, a scarecrow or a watchdog back to your inventory, use the button: just select the object on the field and click on the button.]



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Кусты игра на деньги



Спасибо за помощь в этом вопросе. Все гениальное просто.

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Кусты игра на деньги



Жаль, что сейчас не могу высказаться - тороплюсь на работу. Но освобожусь - обязательно напишу что я думаю по этому вопросу.

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