Home Business Success – Developing a Successful Focus

Have you ever noticed that fire fighters are often washing the trucks when they’re not putting out fires? We should all be thankful for the fine service these people offer to the community, but do clean fire trucks put out fires more effectively than dirty ones? They probably don’t, but employers don’t like the thought of those fire fighters just waiting at the station for the next call. The fire fighters are “on the clock” so it’s expected that they look busy.

Looking busy and productivity have little to do with each other.

In an office setting, we see the same thing. People will do “busy work” not because it’s productive, but because the manager wants to feel like he or she is getting “value” from the employee. Such tasks do little to create value for the customers or generate more business for the company, but the “job world” is filled with examples of people performing tasks to look as though they are “earning” their wages.

In a home business setting, things are a little different. Here, it’s all about performance and that comes from a success-focus. If you spend one hour or eight hours a day developing your home business, it’s important to understand that your actions move you closer towards your goal, or further from it. This doesn’t mean that a clean house isn’t a good thing. A clutter-free work environment may improve productivity significantly for some people. What’s important is to understand the relationship between any of that “work” and business growth.

The bottom line is that to grow your business, you need to let people know you are in business. You need to find out if you have something which is of benefit to the person you’re talking to. It’s also critical that you’re not spending all of your time sequentially working with one prospect until they say yes or no before finding someone new to speak with. In other words, the only actions that result in growth for your business involve you interacting with more people.

Do you have a misaimed success-focus? Spending hours on a new slide may be beneficial if and only if you are going to show that presentation to enough people to make it worth your time. Agonizing over copy on a web page or brochure is fine if you’re also making sure that it’s going to be seen by enough people to provide a return on your time.

A successful business is based on helping others get what they want, within the context of what you have to offer. The only real way to quantify your success is by measuring your business growth. If you’re not growing, you’re not helping others. The better you are able to quantify measures of success, the more confidence you will have as you move towards your goals. There will be days when you may not move forward, and maybe even back-slide, but if you have those measures and goals in your sights, you can be aware of these setbacks and do something about them!

As you move through the day, new ideas may pop into your head. These usually happen as you develop your success-focus. It’s called inspiration and it’s a good thing! If you find many ideas are flying around in your head, then capture them in a “lock box.” Get a folder and write your ideas down. Put one each on a sheet of paper. When you have time, or are in need of new ways to grow your business, visit your lock box and develop one of your captured ideas. When you’re not working on it, push it from your mind. Focus on the tasks that you are currently using to grow your business. One you’ve captured an idea for your lock box, it won’t get away. It will be waiting for you when you need it.

Successful home business owners soon realize that it doesn’t take forty, or more, hours a week to be successful. By focusing on actions which grow your business, you too can enjoy the fruits of your effort and also the time freedom and other benefits associated with being truly productive. If you want to have explosive growth, then focus a period of time (one to three months) on spending a full day, every day of the week, on actions which are directly associated with business growth. As you develop your momentum, you will have many opportunities to relax while you continue to reap the rewards of your successful home business. What do you do with that free time? Anything you want!